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About Crimson Dragons

Welcome to the Crimson Dragons Homepage!

Here you will find Links to any and all information you need regarding the guild. This is currently a work in progress. So bear with us! :D



**** We are currently rebuilding one of the longest standing guilds on the Antonidas Server - We are looking for all classes and specs. We are moving forward slowly, first by looking for friendly people who enjoy playing WOW in a co-operative and friendly atmosphere. Moving forward eventually building a casual raid team. **** 


Note!  If your interested please send a guild request here or contact Goodnyte in game! Mature, friendly, reliable players needed! Looking for others who share our love for the game! 


History -

Crimson Dragons was created 2-12-2007 and currently we have over 500 members and growing all the time! Our Guild Leader is Goodnyte and she has plays multiple classes and specs. 


Guild Info-

We are primarily a PVE guild though we do have many who enjoy PVP. We are currently attempting to rebuild our ranks looking to the future with some casual raiding! We have a few general guild rules. If you have any questions regarding promotions, bank rules, or conduct please refer to this page.

Raid Info- 

We are not currently rading but hope to in the near future!!!


Here is a list of addons we recommend and do not allow (this will be being discussed by new officers in order to update in the near future). Any questions regarding addons can be directed to Goodnyte . 


The Dragons are a close group of people that love to play World of Warcraft. Helping our fellow Guildies is what we do best. Its great to know that you can count on a Dragon. This is what we want to bring back to our guild in a bgi way!!!

Feel free to ask Goodnyte any questions about the website and we'll do our best to get you up to speed.

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